Young Voices

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  1. Gurvin says:

    To Mrs Boydon I can not get in this page because I don’t have a password – please help me

  2. Mrs Boydon says:

    Hi Gurvin – glad you’re checking the website regularly for updates!
    You need to log in with your username and password as usual using the button at the bottom left of the screen, then it should let you access this page. Have a go and let me know.

  3. Humaira says:

    Hi! Thank you for making this YV page Mrs Boydon. Choir is amazing – I love it and YV and i just can’t wait for it!

  4. Mrs Boydon says:

    Thanks for all your positivity Humaira! Mr Davies actually made this page – so maybe you need to say thank you to him when you next see him.
    Keep practising the songs at home – the choir is sounding amazing at the moment.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Mrs Boydon for putting all the songs on!

  6. Gurvin says:

    Mrs Boydon these songs are SO catchy – I can not get them out of my mind!

    • Mrs Boydon says:

      I’m glad you’re enjoying them! It’s a good job you can’t get them out of your head bacause you have to know them ALL by heart by January!
      Well done for doing your choir homework so well!

  7. suvana says:

    Wow Mrs Boydon! I know all the moves for the dance!

  8. Saleha Adam says:

    I am trying to learn the dance moves

  9. Saleha says:

    Yes very, Mrs Boydon. Thank you for everything you are doing for choir.

  10. Humaira says:

    I love choir – I made a great decision joining it! The songs are so catchy and I am trying to learn the dance moves too and I actually recognise some of these songs!

    • Mrs Boydon says:

      I’m pleased you’re practising the songs in the holidays! Keep working at those dance moves – I can’t wait to see how we will all have improved!

  11. Gursheen says:

    I LOVE CHOIR and its teachers!

  12. Safeeya Desai says:

    I like the songs so much!

  13. Zumzum says:

    Hey Mrs Boydon! Do you know how excited I am for Young Voices? I went last year it is AMAZING – can’t wait to go again!

  14. suvana says:

    My favourite one is the pop medley – I love it so much!

  15. ghulam says:

    It won’t let me login.

  16. Zumzum says:

    Hey Mrs Boydon how excited are you for YOUNG VOICES! My favourite song is Sing I can not stop singing it. 🙂

  17. Zumzum says:

    Hey Mrs Boydon it is not letting me login anymore 🙁

  18. Sduyyu says:

    Good effort

  19. Gurvin says:

    The pop medley is the best Mrs Boydon I don’t need to learn the pop medley because I always listen to the Radio and know all of these songs of by heart I’m so proud!!!

  20. Mrs Boydon says:

    Well done Gurvin! That’s why we always save it until the end – so many children already know some of the songs. Keep practising the others over the holiday – don’t forget that we need to be word perfect when we get back.
    Have a lovely holiday.

  21. Gurvin says:

    To everyone who celebrates x mas have a happy one

  22. Gurvin says:

    (If you don’t know what x mas is its Christmas) hope no one this year gets on Santa`s naughty list.

  23. Gurvin says:

    Happy Holidays

  24. Zumzum says:

    Mrs Boydon I know all the songs except the Welsh song! It’s so hard but I won’t give up! 🙂

  25. Humaira says:

    I really cant wait to go its gunna be my first time i am going to cherish the moment Forever i love choir

  26. Saaliha says:

    Thank you Mrs Boydon this helped me a lot!

  27. Maleeha raja year 6 of 2017 says:

    Yv was amazing I will never forget Mayflower ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    I have made so many memories at Mayflower
    Maleeha Raja

    • Mrs Boydon says:

      Young Voices was wonderful, wasn’t it!
      We’ll miss you Maleeha!
      Keep us posted about how you’re getting on at secondary school!
      Carry all our good wishes with you …

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