Evington Village Walk

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10 Responses to Evington Village Walk

  1. Zainab Rahim says:

    I really loved it when we went to our trip

  2. Haashim says:

    Fantastic walk lots of historical facts I had lots of fun at the park too!

  3. Mrs Boydon says:

    What a wonderfully historical time you all had! Local history is so interesting, isn’t it?

  4. Mrs mohamed says:

    Arkam says he walked 6 miles.

  5. 5PV says:


    It was a really fun trip

  6. aleena says:

    It was cool when we saw that house

  7. Ameera Ali says:

    I love my little sister and me like it

  8. Mehreen says:

    It was a lovely time

  9. Mehreen says:

    It was amazing

  10. noor says:

    I really liked this. The walk was so fun. Wow I’m amazed.

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