Posting our letters

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5 Responses to Posting our letters

  1. Fatema adam says:

    What a lovely idea ! Saarah was very excited when her letter arrived.

  2. muneerah sindhi says:

    Thank you … we received our mail today . Muddassir was pleasantly surprised to see his letter and talked about the posting activity.He enjoyed the role play and added he wishes to write a letter very soon. Happy posting!

  3. Fatima Ali says:

    It’s very pleasant to see children learning something new everyday. Aun seems very happy in that pic posting his letter. We received his letter earlier this week. All children seems very excited to post their letters to parents.

  4. Hemal Modha says:

    Wow! What a lovely trip to the postbox children. I was so pleased to receive and read my Jai’s letter! Well Done to all the children and a big thank you to the teachers. Well Done Jai so proud of you my son!

  5. Estelle (Tamim's mother) says:

    Thank you! It was so nice to receive a letter from Tamim!

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