Farmer Brown visits Year 6

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5 Responses to Farmer Brown visits Year 6

  1. Andrew Brown says:

    A really good session with very engaged children. It was a pleasure to have so many interesting and intelligent questions.

  2. Gurvin says:

    It was very very interesting! I was trying to think of questions but my mind was blank.
    you wont believe how honey is make a bee gets pollen and vomit it out and then eat it again 5or 6 times until It becomes honey! yuck! I know but it still was very good thank you farmer Brown for coming!

  3. Mrs Boydon says:

    This has been a fantastic project with so much amazing thinking and questioning.
    A big thank you to Farmer Brown for coming in and sharing his experiences.

  4. Ayra says:

    Thank you, Farmer Brown! I learnt a lot. I hope you have seen these comments from in your farm. I can’t believe how Maltesters are made from barley. I learnt a lot.

  5. Sanaa Ali says:

    I learnt so many things that I didn’t know about and I am never eating honey again because its bees vomit

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