Nepal Part 1

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13 Responses to Nepal Part 1

  1. 5LG says:

    It looks like you had a good time and nice photos.

  2. 5LG says:

    By looking at the pictures It looks like you had a great time in NEPAL!

  3. 5LG says:

    By looking at the pictures it looks like you had a GREAT TIME in NEPAL!

  4. 4MP says:

    it looks so nice

  5. Hassan .M says:

    Well done. It looks like they really liked the cards.

  6. 4MP says:

    hope your having fun

  7. 4MP says:

    its looks like a nice school i wonder what you where leaning

  8. 4MP says:

    The pictures are very nice I like the first one and did you have a nice time

  9. 4MP says:

    I like the pictures – my favourite one is the snow mountain.

  10. 4MP says:

    Is that a cloud or snow?

  11. 4MP says:

    I wish I could be there. The veiw from the aeroplane was amazing.

  12. Pavan Dhami says:

    Wow that view looks amazing. i really wish i was their.

  13. Fareeha manjra says:

    Wow this looked like everyone had a great time and it looked like everyone had fun

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