Breathe Dance Club Performance

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  1. Fatimah Manjra says:

    Thank you for everything miss Johnson.we really appreciate the work you’ve done.This performance was great. I really wish I could see more of your dances. Thank you so much.❤️

    By Fatimah Manjra 5pv

  2. Mrs Boydon says:

    What a fantastic performance this was! A thoroughly uplifting end to a wonderful assembly.
    Thank you all so much for all your hard work putting this dance together.
    And thank you Miss Johnson for all your enthusiasm and dance skills!

  3. Sofia says:


  4. Sofia says:

    Wow it was amazing!!

  5. Humaira Farooq says:

    Honestly, dance club was one of the most memorable moments EVER! Thank you so much Miss Johnson I am missing you so much!

  6. Humaira Farooq says:

    (Also I was crying while watching the memories I will keep FOREVER!)

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