Alice Hawkins Flashmob

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6 Responses to Alice Hawkins Flashmob

  1. farzana majid says:

    wonderful jobs well done kids

  2. Miss Atkins says:

    What a wonderful afternoon celebrating such an important anniversary!

    Well done to ALL the children in Year 3 for writing such powerful speeches. We put your ideas and phrases into the speech that was read out so you ALL be proud.

    A special well done to the ten children that joined the march. Your singing and enthusiasm was wonderful! Fatimah and Maryam, wow! What a passionate speech. You had me in tears! We are all very proud of you!

  3. Mrs Chauhan says:

    Majid and Maryam, you created a memorable moment!
    I am so proud of you all!

  4. Mrs Mulla says:

    such a moving and amazing speech, the girls both spoke very confidently and with great expression. Being the youngest girls to read out their speeches, they represented Mayflower really well. had me in tears too! well done Fatima and Maryam and a huge thank you to Miss Atkins for giving the girls this amazing opportunity to shine!

  5. Safiyyah patel says:

    that was awesome I couldn’t stop listing to it.
    majid and Maryam what a wonderful,confidant speech.

  6. Amarah says:

    That was amazing Maryam and masjid Amazing speech

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