Year 6 French Singing Skills

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5 Responses to Year 6 French Singing Skills

  1. Safaa says:

    I remember when we did this mrs mayflower is an amazing school I will miss it so so so much and my class mates too !!!

  2. Zumzum says:

    OMG!!! I already miss it I cry everyday and I will definitely come back and see the school. Good Luck Miss Brown with your playground and I can’t wait too see it!!! XXX

  3. Rubina says:

    I miss all of you lot like crazy I’m tearing up seeing you hopefully one day I’ll see you again

  4. Mrs Boydon says:

    We miss you all too! I bet you’re all having a great time at secondary school though – so many new friends and new experiences! I hope you’re still choosing to sit on the sunny side of the bus!

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