Special Visitor in Year 6

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3 Responses to Special Visitor in Year 6

  1. Samia Riaz says:

    How kind of Mr Bounds’ mum to visit the school! The children must have had lots of interesting questions to ask her; she must be like a walking, talking history book. I bet she had some embarassing tales to share about Mr Bounds!

  2. Mrs Boydon says:

    A huge thank you to Mrs Bounds for giving up her time to come and talk to the children, and thanks too to Mr Bounds for making all the arrangements.
    I can’t wait to read the biographies that the children produce!

  3. Gursheen says:

    I remember when we did this when we where in year 6. It reminds of some great teachers we had and the great times and memories we had with them and our friends. I really wish that I could just back in time and relieve these amazing moments I miss you Mayflower

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